hey everyone,

I’m Vladimir Mikhalev, the Snyk Ambassador and the Docker Captain, but my friends can call me Valdemar.

💾 I’ve been in the IT game for over 20 years, cutting my teeth with some big names like IBM, Thales, and Amazon. These days, I wear the hat of a DevOps Consultant and Team Lead, but what really gets me going is Docker and container technology - I’m kind of obsessed!

💛 I have my own IT blog, where I’ve built a community of DevOps enthusiasts who share my love for all things Docker, containers, and IT technologies in general. And to make sure everyone can jump on this awesome DevOps train, I write super detailed guides (seriously, they’re foolproof!) that help even newbies deploy and manage complex IT solutions.

🚀 My dream is to empower every single person in the DevOps community to squeeze every last drop of potential out of Docker and container tech.

🐳 As a Docker Captain, I’m stoked to share my knowledge, experiences, and a good dose of passion for the tech. My aim is to encourage learning, innovation, and growth, and to inspire the next generation of IT whizz-kids to push Docker and container tech to its limits.

Let’s do this together!

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Vladimir Mikhalev
I’m Vladimir Mikhalev, the Docker Captain, but my friends can call me Valdemar.

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