hey everyone,

I’m Vladimir Mikhalev, the Snyk Ambassador and the Docker Captain, but my friends can call me Valdemar.

💾 I’ve been in the IT game for over 20 years, cutting my teeth with some big names like IBM, Thales, and Amazon. These days, I wear the hat of a DevOps Consultant and Team Lead, but what really gets me going is Docker and container technology - I’m kind of obsessed!

💛 I have my own IT blog, where I’ve built a community of DevOps enthusiasts who share my love for all things Docker, containers, and IT technologies in general. And to make sure everyone can jump on this awesome DevOps train, I write super detailed guides (seriously, they’re foolproof!) that help even newbies deploy and manage complex IT solutions.

🚀 My dream is to empower every single person in the DevOps community to squeeze every last drop of potential out of Docker and container tech.

🐳 As a Docker Captain, I’m stoked to share my knowledge, experiences, and a good dose of passion for the tech. My aim is to encourage learning, innovation, and growth, and to inspire the next generation of IT whizz-kids to push Docker and container tech to its limits.

Let’s do this together!

My 2D Portfolio

Click into — my virtual space is a 2D pixel-art portfolio inviting you to interact with elements that encapsulate the milestones of my DevOps career.

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💼 Take a look at my service catalog and find out how we can make your technological life better. Whether it’s increasing the efficiency of your IT infrastructure, advancing your career, or expanding your technological horizons — I’m here to help you achieve your goals. From DevOps transformations to building gaming computers — let’s make your technology unparalleled!

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Vladimir Mikhalev
I’m Vladimir Mikhalev, the Docker Captain, but my friends can call me Valdemar.

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