With the rise of containerization in recent years, securing Docker images has become a crucial aspect of the development pipeline. To support developers in this critical task, Docker is proud to unveil its new tool in early access: Docker Scout. Docker Scout is designed as a comprehensive solution that enhances container security by identifying and remediating vulnerabilities swiftly and efficiently.

Unifying Container Security

Docker Scout simplifies the often complex process of container security, providing a unified view of both direct and transitive dependencies across all image layers. By analyzing every layer of your Docker image, including the base image and application code, it can identify potential vulnerabilities.

The system is event-driven, ditching old-fashioned scheduled scans in favor of immediate, real-time updates. This approach means that the moment a new vulnerability is detected, Scout springs into action, correlating the data with your Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) and offering immediate remediation advice.

Key Features of Docker Scout

  1. Unified Software Analysis View: Docker Scout makes understanding your image composition straightforward by presenting all app dependencies in one view. This unified view makes remediation easier and more efficient.

  2. Real-time Vulnerability Updates: Thanks to its real-time update feature, Docker Scout keeps you up-to-date with all the latest vulnerabilities. By continuously correlating new CVEs with your image’s SBOM, it ensures you have the most accurate, up-to-the-minute security information.

  3. Contextual Remediation Advice: Docker Scout integrates with your Docker workflows, whether you’re using Docker Hub, Desktop, or CLI. The aim is to make remediation as easy as possible by offering direct advice on updating your base image or application code layers.

User-friendly Interface

Designed with usability in mind, Docker Scout prioritizes risks by their severity and alerts you quickly so you can take immediate action. It provides a complete security posture for your organization through a dedicated web app. Scout’s capabilities and data solutions are delivered as a service. To use this service, users must authenticate themselves. This authentication process helps monitor usage and ensure organizations are licensed correctly.

Enhanced Compatibility

In addition to its many features, Docker continues to maintain compatibility with other security tools, such as Snyk. Alongside the introduction of Docker Scout, Docker remains committed to supporting developers and their favorite tools, offering flexible integration whenever possible.

Pricing and Availability

Currently in its early access phase, Docker Scout is available for trial and feedback. Early access releases are new or enhanced features made available for users to test and provide feedback. Generally available (GA) product has completed all stages of development, testing, and feedback, and is considered ready for general use.


In conclusion, Docker Scout is an innovative solution that provides comprehensive security coverage for Docker images. It offers an all-in-one view of app dependencies, real-time vulnerability updates, and contextual remediation advice, all within the context of your existing Docker workflows. Whether you’re an IT admin or a developer, Docker Scout is poised to be a valuable addition to your Docker toolkit.

About how Docker Scout works in practice, you can read in my guide “Mastering Docker Scout through Docker Desktop GUI and CLI”.

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