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Having decided to buy a new computer, you should be aware of what it is bought for, for games or for working with office documents, for processing photos or for working with 3D graphics and so on. When tasks are defined, it is important to choose a design and look at the quality of materials. At the moment, the market is focused on PC and MAC computers and these are two completely different products.

Everyone has long been accustomed to the fact that after buying a new PC, you need to configure it. Today, even stores provide such services. There are enough reasons to set up a new computer and what is called “running out of the box” is a rarity. The fact is that all PC brands supply with their computers not only Windows but also many pre-installed programs on it. Thus, you get an operating system with a bunch of unnecessary software that naturally affects the performance and stability of your Windows system, and therefore the computer as a whole. In addition, many pre-installed programs will stop working after the trial period and ask you to buy them. But the most important thing is to ensure the security of your computer, and for this, you will have to purchase antivirus software for Windows. Of course, no antivirus can guarantee you 100% security of your data, but it will help reduce the percentage of possible PC infections.

Best of all for those who have a person among friends who will help set up a new PC. Better yet, if he can accompany you at least by phone, answering questions that arise during the work on the new PC. Those who don’t have such a friend will either have to use the not-so-good initial computer configuration from the manufacturer or contact a company that provides computer support. But, firstly, when contacting such a company, it is best to have a certain amount of money in stock, since the simplest operations are billed as much as possible. Secondly, when contacting a PC service company, you are betting on luck, since there is no guarantee that a certified specialist with sufficient experience will come to you.

Of course, you can just buy the PC you like at your favorite store and not think about anything else, but unfortunately, the many years of experience in operating the PC speak differently. We are talking here about the maximum return of your computer for you for your money and PC from a reliable manufacturer is half the battle. After all, iron is nothing without an operating system and software, and that is why it is important to correctly configure a new PC so that you, in turn, can work effectively on it.

There have always been problems with the stability of the Windows operating systems. Many explain this with a large amount of software for this platform and, accordingly, if you install many programs, then Windows starts to work more slowly. Others attribute the decline in Windows performance to the high popularity of the platform and, in connection with this, a large number of viruses for it, which naturally leads to a deterioration of work on all fronts. There are many more excuses about why the system somehow starts to lose performance after the first months of use. Of course, all these theories have a right to exist, but only partly, since most of the problems lie in the initially laid down principles of the Windows operating system. In addition, Microsoft constantly releases a huge number of updates for Windows, which also cannot be installed all in a row, otherwise you run the risk of seriously reducing the stability of your operating system.

Thus, sadly, when buying a new PC and wanting to get a good product for your money, you will have to ask for help from a good specialist who can help you with software configuration, virus protection and explain how to handle your PC to reduce the percentage of Windows crashes.


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