Microsoft was heading in the right direction and the release of Windows 7 turned the whole Windows experience upside down. This was an important step after Windows Vista. The new Windows 7 is faster, more stable, and less demanding on resources than the previous Windows Vista.

The release of Windows 8 fundamentally changed my attitude towards Windows. The incomprehensible Metro interface and the very way the system communicates with the user do not inspire any confidence. Windows 8 looks good on a tablet computer, but on a laptop and stationary computer, it only causes confusion and misunderstanding. Microsoft has created a universal operating system for personal and tablet computers, thus, Microsoft claims that the future belongs to tablet computers and soon laptops and desktop computers will not be needed. In my opinion, all products should come out in due time, and at this stage of the development of IT technologies, it is difficult to imagine work only within the framework of tablet computers. For example, it would be interesting to see how you can keep accounting on a tablet computer.

Of course, I had to study the system, and as an experienced PC user, I had a lot of questions, the answers to which I had to look for on the forums on the Internet. This speaks of a non-intuitive interface as if someone made a very user-friendly interface for themselves and not for others. The question arises, if you still need to get used to the new operating system, then why should it be Windows? After all, even MAC computers are full of software, and now all peripheral manufacturers support MAC, unlike Linux-based operating systems.

Microsoft, with the release of Windows 8, once again showed how indifferent they are to users and how a monopolist can afford to experiment. You can do a little experiment yourself. Put your parents in front of a computer with Windows 8 installed and ask them to complete a number of simple tasks. For example: unlock your computer, find a list of all installed programs, browse the Internet, and finally turn off your computer.

The simplest tasks that you can easily solve on Windows XP or Windows 7 can take more time in the new Windows 8, as you have to re-learn the system, and then it will take time to get used to it. In my opinion, life is too short to spend time learning constantly updated interfaces. A computer is needed to perform specific tasks, and the profit of companies and the peace of mind of home users directly depends on the time and quality of these tasks.

Microsoft, with its many products, has firmly established itself in the business segment, but more and more students are choosing MAC computers as an alternative to PCs, many use Linux-based operating systems to work on PCs, and all this suggests that the next generation will not need products from Microsoft and depend on them as the previous generation had no alternatives. Therefore, Microsoft should consider this and choose the steps carefully.

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