So, I made up my mind and made a decision that was not easy for me. After 17 years on Windows, I buy a MacBook Pro 13. The decision is not entirely deliberate, since the experience of operating MAC computers is very small and it was hard for me to part with my ASUS G53SX. But as soon as I remembered about Windows 8, then any fears about buying a new MAC dissipated. The fact is that I am a person who actively follows the latest in IT technologies and it gives me pleasure to keep pace with the times and master new things. In addition, I am used to choosing what I like, and not blindly walking behind the crowd. A conscious choice, this is the main thing that I try to be guided by and I was not tempted by the prospect of working on Windows 7, just because Windows 8 was not to my taste.

It’s like in a grocery store, you can pick up a basket of well-known fruits, or you can take exotic and, yes, it will cost more precisely because it is exotic, but once you try it, you may no longer want to buy any other fruits. And after a while, you will wonder how you did without this exotic at all. MAC has become this exotic fruit for me. But speaking of MAC as exotic, first of all, I mean the operating system. It differs quite seriously from Windows, but again, if I have a choice to get used to Windows 8 or macOS, I will choose macOS. Of course, the purchase of MAC is, in a sense, a provocative step, but in the end, I did not regret it.

Steve Jobs was undoubtedly a very talented person and a terrific Apple CEO. This is evidenced by the current position of the company on the market. Apple has given us many truly revolutionary products. But I, like many of you, am annoyed by the attitude towards Apple as a religion. Of course, the brilliant Apple marketers have tried to do everything so that every time they release a new device, Apple manages to beat all sales records. But these are just computers, phones, tablets, and so on, and the so-called Apple fanboys go crazy with just the sight of a glowing apple. I admit, I like it too, but I clearly realize that this is a computer, and Steve Jobs is not a messiah, but a talented person in all respects.

The courier brought me a new MacBook Pro 13 and the first thing that catches my eye is the packaging, or rather the way the laptop is packed. I have heard more than once that Apple is very sensitive to small details, right down to the choice of screws for its products, and now, finally, I was able to verify this myself. You know, people immediately feel false, apparently at some subconscious level, and therefore, when something is done with a soul, it must be appreciated. When you turn on the MAC for the first time, the system prompts you to go through a non-tricky setup wizard, where you need to select a language, geographic location, and so on. Then you can start working.

And this surprised me to the depths of my soul because there is no need to delete a huge amount of unnecessary software, as it was on Windows after buying a new PC, there is not a single program that runs in trial mode and then asks to buy it. Antivirus is not needed, since the principles of the macOS operating system do not allow viruses to run, as it happens on Windows, and most importantly, I did not experience discomfort when working with the system, although I had never used macOS before. Everything is so intuitive that it took no more than 30 minutes to master the system. This is called “Works out of the box”. And you don’t need the help of a specialist to set up your computer, as is the case with buying a new PC.

I would also like to note the design. The MacBook Pro case is made from a single sheet of aluminum and is called Unibody. Thus, instead of many parts, one is used. When you pick up a new MAC, it comes across as a reliable and durable partner. Also, I never imagined that it could be convenient to work on a laptop without a mouse. The trackpad, an analog of the touchpad on a PC, turned out to be very convenient and the control of the system with the help of gestures is implemented very well.

The first thing I started doing on MAC was searching for analogs of my favorite programs that I had on Windows. For example, on Windows, I used Google Chrome as the built-in Internet Explorer leaves a lot to be desired. But in the case of MAC, having installed Google Chrome, I realized that it does not work quite correctly with gestures in comparison with built-in Safari, which in turn turned out to be very convenient, so I decided to use Safari as the main Internet browser. Otherwise, I found all the necessary software analogs. The fact is that the specifics of my work as a system administrator obliges me to be constantly in touch and be able to remotely connect to servers. Therefore, I need a solid amount of specific software to maintain servers and other equipment. As it turned out, there is a huge amount of software under MAC and the conversation that this is not so is simply a myth.

I really liked the way the operating system works in conjunction with the hardware. We can talk a lot about the stability and friendliness of macOS, but the way the system reacts to user commands is good news. For example, on Windows, when you want to turn off your computer, it may take a long time to shut down, or worse, you can tell your PC to shut down and close the laptop lid, so when you close the lid, your laptop will fall asleep, and after you open the lid again, you will see that your laptop has come out of sleep and continues to shut down.

Thus, on a PC, you need to either configure how the computer should behave when closing the lid, or close the lid strictly after Windows is completely shut down. There are no such problems with the MAC, the computer turns off instantly, and if the lid is closed, it instantly goes to sleep and just as quickly wakes up when the lid is opened. Of course, these problems on a PC can be solved by installing Windows on an SSD (Solid State Drive), in which case the speed of Windows will increase significantly, and most likely you simply will not have time to close the laptop lid later than shutting down the computer. Now imagine if you put an SSD in a MAC, where everything works very quickly on a basic HDD (Hard Disk Drive) at 5200 rpm. All this suggests that the matter is not in the hardware, but in optimizing the system for this hardware and Apple does an excellent job with this.

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