The mobile phone has become our closest friend. He is always there, always ready to provide the opportunity to take advantage of the most modern and diverse means of communication. Today, a mobile phone does not just make it possible to make a call, today mobile phone is an opportunity to always stay in touch thanks to numerous Internet services, the ability to work remotely, the ability to use the phone as a music player, like a photo or video camera, and much more. While information technology is moving around the planet, again and again surprising with a huge variety of mobile devices and software for them, the desire to get a quality product that can work stably and become a reliable partner remains unchanged.

The mobile device market is ready to provide a huge number of phones for every taste. A distinctive feature is an operating system on which they work. This is the main thing that you need to pay attention to. One way or another, the design can be deceiving, and it’s hard to understand before buying how convenient this or that device is in operation. In addition, it is even more difficult to understand how convenient the operating system installed on the phone will be, and it is precise with it that you will have to communicate using the phone. But making a choice is not so difficult and not as simple as it may seem because from all sides advertising, marketing, consultants, familiar with different devices and each praises his own pressure. Of course, you need to buy the device to which the soul lies, and at the same time clearly be aware of what you get for your money.

At the moment, 2 operating systems are competing in the mobile device market: Android and iOS. Both systems are similar and, in fact, provide the same services, but they do it differently. I know many people who are interested in setting up their mobile devices, and they do not do this for the sake of achieving some meaningful goal. I call it tuning for the sake of tuning, because, although these people are directly related to IT, the result is a rather dubious result, which again needs to be improved, because none of them is a programmer, and have no idea how one or another mobile application to work.

All of these endless settings seem like an endless game and quite a popular game. For the sake of this exclusive game, people buy phones based on the Android operating system, in addition, they call it freedom. I was also interested in setting up my Android phone, but after a week this interest disappeared, and I wanted it to just ring and work stably. I have already come out of the age when I wanted to change the design of the phone every day and set fashionable tunes to incoming calls. The battery condition, usability, and system reliability are important to me. In my opinion, life is too short to spend precious time setting up your own phone. I want professionals to set up my phone for me, and I, in turn, could use a complete solution.

Naturally, Android stability is out of the question if you install many applications and configure everything as you like. As a result, the phone may restart arbitrarily, the function to answer the call may disappear, the alarm clock on the phone may not work, and much more may start to work unpredictably. When buying a phone based on the Android operating system, you will always have to make any changes at your own peril and risk, whether installing programs or setting up the operating system. Of course, not everything is so scary, and if you stick to the standard settings, everything can do without any special consequences. One of the problems of system instability is the huge number of devices Android is forced to run on.

The fact is that the Android operating system is free, and numerous manufacturers of mobile devices install it on their mobile phones and send them for sale. As a result, the application works properly on some phones, but on some phones it may not start at all or works incorrectly, for example, adversely affecting the device’s battery. For this reason, you can quickly return the purchased application and the money spent on it in the Google Play app store. I would also like to note that the quality of Android applications leaves much to be desired, and almost anyone can publish an application on Google Play. As a result, lack of censorship and poor quality applications.

Thus, choosing a phone based on the Android operating system, you get an unfinished solution, and you can only hope for updates that will help to eliminate numerous errors. Unfortunately, manufacturers of Android-based mobile devices quickly stop supporting their phones, which means that the phone will no longer receive any updates. Alternatively, in order to get new features or corrections, you will have to look for alternative versions of Android for your phone, collected by talented students or small studios. Also, do not forget that installing unofficial versions of Android will invalidate your phone.

iPhone has become a revolutionary product in the mobile device market. Apple has brought a standard that is still used by all manufacturers of mobile devices. Now all the working space on the phone is occupied by the screen. Reading mail, browsing the Internet, communicating on social networks has become much more convenient. But hardware is nothing without software on it. And Apple understands this like no other. Especially for its mobile devices, Apple has developed the iOS operating system. Thanks to this, the iPhone has become a very high-quality product with great potential.

The excellent design, build quality and stable iOS operating system makes iPhone a leader in sales, and every time Apple introduces a new iPhone model, it breaks all sales records. You can talk a lot about what a good phone should be like, but first of all it should make and receive calls, and if it can provide me with the opportunity to work remotely, view documents, take some pictures or somehow help me in solving my everyday tasks then this is just wonderful. The question is how he deals with this. When I started using the iPhone, I was amazed that you can not restart it for months, you can install as many programs as you want, while the phone does not start to slow down or freeze.

Using the iPhone, you don’t have to worry about the alarm on the phone not working, or the program will close unexpectedly while listening to music. You can not think about the fact that during the conversation the phone will reboot, or at the right time, the “answer the call” button will disappear from the screen. All iOS applications pass a rather strict selection process and only those that have passed the test go to the App Store. Thus, anyone will not be able to place the application in the App Store, which allows you to receive only high-quality applications. In addition, promotions are constantly held in the App Store, when applications for a while become much cheaper or completely free, it remains only to download it on time.

The iOS operating system is very friendly and anyone can easily figure it out without any help. iOS is a closed operating system in terms of setting specific parameters, for example, there is no way to adjust the screen refresh rate. But how can an ordinary person know what a standard screen refresh rate should be !? In my opinion, this should be done by engineers, and the end-user should get a complete solution for what the iPhone is.


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