I was seriously interested in the topic of air purification and ionization at home and at work. Not many people know that we breathe dead air, which weakens our immunity, reduces productivity and increases our fatigue. This is due to the low number of negative air ions on the premises. SNIP 2153-80 sanitary inspection standards standardize at least 3,000 negative aeroions per cubic centimetre, and the lower limit of the norm is 600. However, the number of negative aeroions in our apartments and offices is reduced to 20-80 per cm3. Hence the constant feeling of fatigue, weakness, and lack of sleep, even with good nutrition and when doing no complicated work. In the mountains and near the sea, people quickly gain strength. This is due to the fact that in these places in the air there are many negatively charged air ions. Also, there are many of them in pine and spruce forests, in the air near waterfalls and fountains.

Before a thunderstorm, the air is heavy, it has a mass of positively charged ions, at this time it becomes harder to breathe, but after a lightning strike, a large number of negatively charged ions are formed in the air, the air becomes fresh, it becomes easy to breathe. An air ionizer also works, only without thunder and lightning.

When buying an air purifier with an ionizer function, I was interested in achieving specific results:

  • strengthening immunity, tone, reducing fatigue;
  • improvement of psychological state, healthy sleep;
  • improvement of lung function, stimulation of blood circulation;
  • a significant reduction in the number of bacteria and fungi in the room.

I began to study in detail various devices for cleaning and ionizing air. There was no task to save, and I decided that I needed a device that would perform the following tasks:

  • purify the air of various kinds of dust and smoke;
  • enrich the air with light air ions;
  • the level of ionization created in the room is most fully consistent with natural indicators;
  • suppress the vital activity of bacteria and germs.

I managed to find a device called Super-Plus-Turbo, manufactured by Ecology LLC. For its low cost, it turned out to be much more effective than many of its expensive competitors. In addition, it does not exceed sanitary standards for ozone concentration.

The determining factors for the purchase of Super Plus Turbo were:

  • the device was developed on the recommendation of the SSC-Institute of Immunology, Moscow;
  • the datasheet indicates that the concentration of ozone does not exceed sanitary standards;
  • air is ionized in those concentrations that are observed in natural conditions;
  • the size of the captured particles in the range of 0.3-100 microns;
  • the device works without replaceable filters (the cartridge is washed with water).

“Super Plus Turbo” can work around the clock and at the same time consumes extremely little electricity, up to 11 watts. At the same time, he pumps air through himself without a fan, due to which he works silently.

An important feature of this device is that ionized dust settles inside the cleaner, and does not accumulate on the surfaces of the room, as it happens with ordinary air ionization. In other words, you don’t have to worry about the walls surrounding the appliance blackening with dust. Also, the device produces ozone less than the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) – 30 μg/m3. Due to this, a feeling of freshness appears, unpleasant odours disappear, and the vital activity of microbes and bacteria is suppressed.

If you want to breathe clean and healthy air for your health and the health of your loved ones, then buy an air purifier with the function of an ionizer, and the air in your house or at work will be like the sea. I made my choice by purchasing Super Plus Turbo, and I can say that the results exceeded my expectations.


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