A good game is worth the money spent on it, and the gaming industry simply cannot develop if the games are not bought. I started my way as a gamer in 1993 on a personal computer, and in 2009 I continued on the Xbox 360 Elite game console, later on when the Xbox burned out, I purchased the Xbox 360 Slim and Kinect.

It’s no secret that the graphics on computers are much better than on game consoles, even if you take into account the new generation of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. Of course, first of all, games go out for consoles and only then appear on computers. Of course, there are exclusive games that do not appear on the PC at all, but there are very few. It is easier for developers to optimize games for several configurations of game consoles than for a huge fleet of various computers. Such optimization allows achieving excellent stability and maximum performance for games even on the old generation of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game consoles. Games are released at the beginning on consoles also because the level of pirated content on them has not reached such proportions as on personal computers, which means, and recapture the money spent on a game project is much easier.

It is worth noting that the cost of games for game consoles is much higher than their counterparts on PC. For example: the cost of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at the time of this writing was 2 999 rubles, for the consoles of the previous generation Xbox 360 and PlayStation, the cost of the same game was 2 599 rubles, while the version for the computer cost only 599 rubles. The price of the consoles themselves can also not be called cheap. The cost of the Xbox One, at the time of writing, is 27 999 rubles, and the price of the PlayStation 4 was 22 999. For this money, you can build a good computer.

In addition, in order to be able to play the console in multiplayer mode, you will have to pay separately by issuing an appropriate subscription. The cost of the Xbox Live subscription at the time of writing was 1 899 rubles, and the cost of a PlayStation Network subscription was 1 950 rubles. Subscriptions are valid for 12 months, that is, every year you will have to renew it if you want to use all the features of the game console. I want to draw your attention to the fact that you do not need to issue any subscriptions to play in multiplayer mode on a computer.

Of course, playing on a huge TV with a wireless gamepad, sitting on a soft sofa, is much more pleasant than on a chair near the monitor. Of course, some games are more convenient to play on the keyboard, but, in my opinion, there are less and less of them. After many years spent at Xbox 360, it seems to me that without a gamepad, the comfort of the game is not the same. So is it worth it to overpay for games, for the opportunity to play with friends and for not the best graphics when purchasing a game console? I personally think not, and therefore decided to continue the path of the gamer on a personal computer as:

  • computer games are much cheaper than games for game consoles, and you can also play comfortably using the best Wireless DualShock 4 gamepad, which is supported by Steam;
  • there are more games on the computer;
  • on a computer, you do not need to issue a paid subscription every year to be able to play in multiplayer mode;
  • the computer is better than graphics;
  • you can independently control computer performance by buying only the necessary components;
  • on a computer, you can not only play but also work.

It is worth noting that you can play on a computer all the games that are adapted to control the gamepad, and since now almost all games are released at the beginning for game consoles, then all modern computer games can interact with gamepads.

If you do not want to play on the monitor, you can connect a TV to the computer as a second display or as the main one. To do this, you need a video card with two HDMI interfaces. If your monitor does not have HDMI, then you can connect it via DVI or VGA interface. It all depends on your video card and monitor. My TV is connected via HDMI, and the monitor via DVI.

The computer has an advantage over the game console because it can not only play but also work. Of course, the more powerful the computer, the better, but if it is still not productive enough, you can still play, though you will have to sacrifice the level of graphics. But unlike consoles, you can almost always replace individual components of your computer with new ones.

For example, buy only a new video card or install more RAM, without having to change everything else. This is another advantage over game consoles. To improve your computer, you spend as much money as you see fit. I use an Intel Core i5 processor with a clock frequency of 3.20 GHz, 4 Gb of RAM, a 500 GB hard drive and an NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 graphics card. At the moment, I am more than happy with this configuration. If you wish, you can build a good computer without a monitor within 20 000 rubles.


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