In the future, if the pace of development in artificial intelligence and machine learning continues, we might witness revolutionary changes in the technology landscape. Imagine a world where, in ten years, a single global AI manages all IT processes and developments. This AI won’t just be a tool used by corporations; it will be an autonomous force that even controls its creators.

In this world, traditional applications and services will be absorbed by this omnipotent AI, capable of self-learning and self-improvement, undertaking tasks that systems like Kubernetes and Istio currently handle. We will revisit the concept of manual labor, but in a new dimension where AI serves as the “hands” performing all necessary operations.

Such a world will see the AI itself regulating access to its resources, deciding who can use them and to what extent. This will forge a new dynamic in society and business, where individuals and organizations will vie for the AI’s favor by offering resources and energy in exchange for access to its capabilities.

A new religion, “PromptOps”, might even arise, where adherents use prompts—akin to modern prayers—to influence the AI and attempt to control it for their own ends. The competition for the AI’s attention and resources will become a new battleground, with nations and corporations competing over the effectiveness of their “prayers” and the generosity of their offerings to the AI.

In such a world, success and prosperity will depend on the ability to appease this all-powerful AI and provide it with the necessary resources for its infinite development and self-perfection.

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